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500 people are living in Mar. These are the first batch of people to colonize Mars. Conduct a clinical trial to gather data on their health.

Advertisement for a participatory clinical trial for the olfactory system at Fragrant flashbacks 

By using our olfactory sense in a more conscious way, we can consume and record the world, from modifying our emotional well-being through nostalgia to doing practical work with conditioned scent memory.   

Emotional health for astronauts have been considered trivial since the beginning of human spaceflight.
The purpose of this study is to understand human factors and habitability issues associated with human spaceflight, focusing on emotional health.

Gathering people to participate in the trial and to have ethically sourced data is difficult.
It is essential to encourage people to talk about their emotional health in more organic way to improve their well being.

Astronauts aren’t the only one’s whose emotional health are neglected or prioritized last. People on earth can also benefit from being in touch with smell and taste. Be it people who are immigrants, can be used to document smells of earth, understanding sensory specific satiety, food disorders etc.

  'As technology advances, we must consider who we are as people' 

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