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Product Design

Form Elevates Function



The showerhead was designed with a curved fascia which concentrates the mist profiles, further minimizing water wastage by dispersion. The Design also creates a sensorial experience which follows the natural contours of the body.

Designing the 

Bathing experience




The showerhead is infused with meticulously designed micro-interactions delivering a unique user experience. A seamless transition between the use of the showerhead as a hand-held or over-head shower is made possible by a magnetic snap.

Magnet Housing

The holder's front fascia is a two part construction, one of which houses the magnets

Friction hinge

The friction would allow seamless shifts in angles with a max range of 30 degrees

Sketch Ideations

Exhaustive sketch  decisions to visualise and refine design decisions 

Nozzles as the focus of pattern generation

With the individual nozzles assigned as attractor points, the circles in the hexagonal grid realign themselves towards the nozzles as point of focus, resulting in interesting visual pattern

Algorithmic Design 

faceplate pattern generation

Grasshopper Model 

Surface Modeling

A clean, curvature continuous model was detailed after several cycles of refinement through sketch ideations and physical form iterations . The final model was ensured to have a smooth and continuous surface throughout , thus playing with light in a meticulous manner

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