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Mechanical Ventilator

Form exploration

Design for Covid-19

A breathe of life

Mechanical Ventilator was designed during the Covid Pandemic to offer automated and IOT enabled respiration support. The device allows for switching between various modes to control pressure, volume,flow rates, etc.The product also responds to changing behaviour of patients. The products is efficiently packaged for ease of access and portability.​

Form and sophistication 

The design of the mechanical ventilator packages the contents in an organic form unlike the plethora of cuboidal and rigid forms in the market. The organic form poses a less intimidating appeal with its smooth surfaces and rounded design

Designed with usability at the core

The angled fascia allows for an ergonomic access to the interface, while the rear set exhaust system regulates the temperature of the components for optimum performance. The components are packed in a dense architecture while also being optimized for performance. The insets on the product’s base serve as handles to move around the object.

Every detail of the product was paid utmost attention to maintain a balance of appeal and feasibility. The mechanical components are packaged in a dense yet functional form factor. The input and output systems are thoughtfully placed for ease of access all the while maintaining a perfect balance of aesthetics.

Meticulously designed

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